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"After 19 years in the furnished corporate apartment rental business, I finally came to the realization that my own amateur photography may not have been getting the job done right.  We tried several professional photographers before an associate recommended that I contact MediaGeez.  


Although Garland and I have never met in person, I feel like I know him very well. He is extremely patient with our lack of organization and preparedness. More times than not, he has shown up to an apartment with furniture completely out of place or something awry. Not only does he call or text immediately to give a heads up, but he takes the lead and finds a way to rectify the issues so he can proceed with the photoshoot. This is priceless for us because there is a very tiny window of time to complete the photos before the new tenants move in.   


Since working with Garland, the entire look of our website has been elevated to another level,  due in large part to the high quality photos and great angles that he is able to capture in the apartments. We would recommend Garland's services to anyone who is looking for a talented, professional photographer that is a pleasure to work with, even in the most stressful, time crunch situations.."


Stephanie Fredericks

Fully Furnished & Equipped Residences

"Garland is an excellent photographer.  He is very professional and always asks me for comments or feedback on his work.  I worked with him twice, and both my listings were sold in the FIRST WEEK!  Thank you Garland for your quality work!"


Virginia Chen

Realtor with Keller Williams Realty

“Garland has taken every piece of feedback we’ve given him and continued to adjust his style to meet our needs for multifamily photography. He’s a diligent, hard worker who always asks what else he can do to help. We’re very grateful for his determination and flexibility.”


Lindsay Hall

Interactive Marketing Specialist

Bernstein Management Company

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